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Sacramento Aims To Claim The Throne As California Kings

Heads are about to roll in this game of thrones!

Steph Curry’s big/small, three-ball Golden State Warriors are the California kings of the West Coast and this best team of the NBA as a whole holds its throne in the Bay Area of Oakland. Those storied chapters of the Los Angeles Lakers really are history and even if they do re-write their script, the new rebooted ‘Lob’ Angeles Clippers are the STAPLES top billing. After all they’re the ones with Jordan!

Still there’s one more spot under the sun across the Californian coast and it belongs to a franchise that almost ended up joining the STAPLES of L.A. for a Hollywood big-three. The almost Los Angeles or Orange County Royals (or even Seattle Supersonics like potentially the Milwaukee Bucks) still reign in Sacramento as the Kings with a royal appointment with destiny.

By the decree of great General Manager Vlade Divac this team could be shaping up to have their most successful season since the legendary Serbian centre joined superstar Chris Webber, sharp-shooter Peja Stojakovic, defensive dominator Doug Christie and the Point Guard rotation of the White Chocolate Jason Williams and Henry Bibby’s son Mike…not to mention one of the greatest Sixth Men of all-time in Bobby Jackson. When if it wasn’t for a “lucky shot” would have overthrown the Lakers gold with their own purple hearts.

This organisation as a whole is an outstanding one, led by a coach as great as Rick Adelman back then in the form of the legendary George Karl. He leads a squad that is back on point like Rajon Rondo…their new signing in fact. One of the games greatest generals that they stole from under the nose of their rival Lakers, when L.A. where too busy trying to unload all their new young, rookie and sophomore superstar potential points in D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson for All-Star DeMarcus Cousins (who knows in someway this trade may still go down). Now with their new, big free agent signing joining their Barkley like superstar, who could end up being even better than C-Webb, these Cats have more than a slight Kentucky connection in the Wild West. Drafting Willie Cauley-Stein in the sixth spot from the almost unbeatable Big Blue Nation certainly caps that off, joining more of Coach Cap’s former alumni that will know how to play with each other on a base-line level. Just think of the familial relationship in the post that the two towers of Cousins and Cauley could have in their post college NBA career.

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It doesn’t end their either. This after all is a team that can lean on the scoring shoulder of Rudy Gay to keep them happy. Completing this perfect starting five could be one of their smaller seeming but more significant summer signings. Journeyman, defensive master and muscle scorer Caron Butler brings much needed experience after all his years and teams of service. While speaking of California kings, Stephen Curry’s younger brother just torched a red hot Summer league with his Dad Dell’s hand me down shot as a New Orleans Pelican letting it fly out in fabulous Las Vegas. Seth Curry with the spot?

That’s still not all. All this versatile talent of offensive options is joined by a bench that is more bolster than bluster. Names like Quincy Acy, Marco Belinelli, Darren Collison, Reggie Evans, Ryan Hollins, Kosta Koufus and the biggest when it comes to veteran greats Andre Miller rounds out a roster that’s in great shape making a circle towards ring royalty. Even David Stockton, son and seemingly clone in how he looks and plays of one of the greatest Point Guards in league history John Stockton is here to pick and roll with the mentoring of some of todays leading P.G’s and post players. Just like this young gun, who knows how high this Stock of this team could soar and if their ceiling belongs in the rafters like the jerseys and banners of the greats they try to emulate. Who knows who they’ll add too. A few more jewels to all these gems may just make this crowning complete.

The state of California’s Sacramento has been dribbling around the moat for too long now. It’s time for them to throw the rock and return to the castle where they belong. Winter is coming and the Kings are watching the throne.

Get your prescriptions because it’s time for more cow-bell!

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