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Hardship Times in the NBA

The only silver lining from the hardship that the NBA is going through right now is seeing some old friends back in the game. At least for 10 days.

Boston Celtics guard Joe Johnson dribbles basketball as hardship times hit the nba
Boston Celtics guard Joe Johnson dribbles basketball as hardship times hit the nba

COVID continues to ravage the world with omicron here and vaccine and mask-wearing hesitancy showing no signs of waning. We must remain vigilant for new variants. Whilst the world at large continues to face the biggest problems, coronavirus is effecting everything. From how we go to work, to the way we talk to our friends and family.

Right now it also has its locks on the NBA, that just over a year ago successfully completed a quarantined and bubbled playoffs locked down in Disney World, Florida.

The Lakers, dubbed the Disney champs won that one, but it’s this season that should come with an asterisk. With more different lineups than Destiny’s Child, the Lakers have been as inconsistent as fair weather friends or NBA Twitter at the moment.

They brought in an old friend for just over a week in Isaiah Thomas as his marathon continues and this week finally signed up Darren Collision as previously promised. They even called up Stanley Johnson who was with Chicago last week until he was stuck in COVID protocols himself. “We need a hardship for our hardship right now”, Bulls coach Billy Donovan told press following that release.

The Lakers own Frank Vogel has had to isolate too with assistant David Fizdale stepping in as head coach. Following Fiz’s first win after a problematic run in Houston, LeBron James spoke to the Spectrum Sports crew of former Lakers after rocking the Rockets. Joking with Metta Sandiford-Artest to stay ready, because they need his ass.

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Or at least we think he was joking.

Michael Beasley teasing and tweeting that the Lakers need help like Nick Young has been doing for months. Rumors of Linsanity in this insane game right now. Lance Stephenson strumming his guitar and lacing them up for the Hawks like we told you he deserved. Iso Joe Johnson back in Boston like his rookie year. Thank God for Ice Cube’s Big 3.

Right now these hardship contracts are handing out more ten days than extended holidays this Christmas. This is what 40 gets in today’s replacement ready NBA. As more former flames and all-stars are entering the league like relief pitchers in baseball.

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Calling for the season to be cancelled, the NBA that has survived two lockouts and the lockdown, not to mention a Bubble that didn’t burst needs to change the game again. Leading the way like it did for the rest of the world when Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert became some of the first famous faces like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to contract the virus.

That’s the only way we’re going to ever beat this thing. The only result right now that truly matters.

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