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Harlems Finest Globetrotting Across The U.K.

Harlems Finest Globetrotting Across The U.K.
Harlems Finest Globetrotting Across The U.K.

Shake what Harlem gave you!

The worlds most famous basketball team are in the United Kingdom this week as the Harlem Globetrotters are taking their ball on a string, circus spinning act across Europe at the moment as part of this years tour of the globe.

Harlem worlds finest have almost being doing this for a century and the classic, traditional show of hallmark fun basketball heads to Newcastle tonight, Glasgow, Scotland tomorrow and Sheffield to finish the weekend if you live in the U.K.

BasketballBuzz was also in the house on Wednesday to catch their stop in Liverpool for an epic night. The ‘Avengers-Age Of Ultron’ premiere would have to wait a few hours.

In the still young, ‘Echo Arena’ the town that the Beatles made famous read all about these own showstoppers from across the pond rolling with the rock. They clearly still had it in all the tricks of their trade. From the dribbles that wiped the floor and the precision passing circles that should be in every NBA coaches X’s and O playbook.

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Now as for those dunking acrobatics, even Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin wish they could fly as high as these trapeze artists. The whole night was good, clean fun for the whole family. From comedy to audience interaction. Basketball nights don’t get much, more epic then this.

Unbeaten since 1971 even the Washington Generals tricks couldn’t stop the magic of a team that mixes professional hoops and streetball. As they trot across the globe, make sure you check out Harlem’s own as they hit your town.

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