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Isaiah Thomas Is The Next Boston Celtics Star! How Great Does That Sound?

Like ‘Zeke. The General. Or something out of the 80’s, this sounds good people. Yep, Isaiah Thomas is your new star of the Boston Celtics.

No we haven’t thrown it back like Hardwood classics. Instead we’ve given it a nice, modern, Mitchell & Ness twist like those classic, Celtic green ‘Boston’ jerseys right now. As crazy and as cool as it would have been if Bad Boy, Detroit Piston Isiah Thomas flew with Bird and the rest of those legendary, 80’s champion Celts, (making for one hell of a Magic, Showtime rivalry with the Lakers) the luck of the Irish may just have found their new Celt charm with the kid named after him. In a league creche full of Tim Hardaway and Glen Rice Jr’s, this namesake only is still the realest deal!

After the death of another Laker beating dynasty of big-three Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen over the last few years, these departed Boston boys had little to hold on to. Green Lantern, Rajon Rondo was the one ring holder. But then as he assembled with a Justice League, comic-book roster of superstars in Dallas, the Celtics were left with nothing, nada. Not even a Red cigar or cent. Cleaning house, the Boston Celtics even got rid of a star whose jersey not only looked, but read; ‘Green’.


Really! But still a pot of gold was found at the end of the horn of the February trade deadline as the Celtics dipped into the Phoenix Suns’ own big-three, House Of Guards and found themselves a new hand to deal with the ball. Now with Goran Drajic trading Sun spots for Heat ones as well, Eric Bledsoe is left to raise Arizona all on his own. Looks like he’ll be leaving it soon like Cage and Vegas.

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Isaiah Thomas is the man now in Boston. All on his own as the one, as this number four goes fourth as the new face of the franchise looking at the future and the empty spots in the rafters in one way or another. That may be a lot to ask for now for these cellar dwellers, but the ceiling of this former Sacramento standout could see him crowned king.

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A 22.0 point and 6 and a half dime average is good enough for NBA Player Of The Week out East to Dame-Time’s Trailblazing West, leading the C’s to a 3 and 1 clip. A nice payback 21 against his old Phoenix rising and a career high 28 points against the Hornets keeps his line buzzing as a future star and we’re sure its only going to get better for face and franchise in this storytelling season for the storied side, as he inks his reputation like his arms.

They named this Thomas after an 80’s legend, but now with the greats Isaiah is making a whole new name for himself and us.

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