Memphis Grizzlies Show Goodwill This Christmas To Assistant That Had His Car Stolen

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas to you and yours from everyone at BasketballBuzz.

Now this season some aren’t feeling in the festive spirit between work and financial stress, etc. A constant negative news cycle contributing also doesn’t help. So here’s a story to bring you some joy and good tidings.

Unfortunately a Memphis Grizzlies assistant had his car stolen in a long line of petty but heinous crimes that blight regular working folk and cause a great level of distress to their victims, that far outweighs the selfish pursuits of the culprits.

But to help ease the frustration and stress the whole Memphis Grizzlies team from starter to injured reserve pooled their cash together to purchase the assistant, Brandon a new vehicle. And it was all captured on an Instagram video.

Now who said all millionaires where selfish?

Now hows that for a Christmas present?

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