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NBA No Longer Forgets Paris



NBA No Longer Forgets Paris
Bonjour Le Basket...

Bon retour à Paris, NBA.

Better currency exchange those Bucks to Francs (oh no wait that’s Euro’s. Catch up United Kingdom). Because Milwaukee’s next stop is in Paris, France. After this season’s Big Smoke game between the winning Washington Wizards and New York Knicks at the former Millennium Dome, the 02 Arena became a game on the line, infamous instant replay goaltending call decision that seemed to stretch that contest for as beyond the buzzer as long as possible, it looks like Big Ben has tolled for the last time for the NBA’s regular season games in London, England. No wonder they took their time with that last horn chime.

All this after exclusive exhibition announcements in the Far East. Featuring a double header between D’Angelo Russell’s ice in China, Brooklyn Nets and the King’s Los Angeles Lakers in Shanghai and Shenzhen and our Toronto Raptors and Harden’s Rockets for their own one in Tokyo, Japan before next Summer’s 2020 Olympic Games in the capital of the land of the rising sun. The association is no longer forgetting about Paris too, like the classic Billy Crystal romantic comedy with the best, closer than courtside camoes of actual NBA stars (yeah I said it ‘Space Jam’). As the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ legend who took Meg Ryan to Katz Deli and the rest is “I’ll have what she’s having” quotable, fries with that history played a referee who was just glad for Muggsy Bogues as he finally had “someone to talk too”.

Can somebody give Crystal a call too please? Now the NBA will play its first game in Paris for over a decade.


Ten years in the making to the next one, could you think of a better team of the when the Warrior is fallen future then the Milwaukee Bucks that fits for this European exchange? Aside from the twin neighbouring Spanish bigs of legacy making Nikola Mirotic and legend Pau Gasol, they have the ‘Greek Freak’ Giannis, the greatest of this post-King generation. Call King James Harden the MVP right now, bit if you were to start any franchise today and had to pick one face, it would be the grinning Giannis. Therefore the alphabet of Antetokounmpo, leading the most international of teams in the NBA to this global game is the Most Valuable Player of not only this team and league, but this wide world expanding like his wingspan game as a whole, spinning on the finger-like basketball planet.

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Well, how about the basketball without borders buzz of the Hornets in Paris for the first time since 1994? Charlotte hosted one of the most nostalgic and beautiful All Star Games in recent memory this loving February and now they are taking their court to a whole new continent. And the Kemba Walker lead East beast of tomorrow has more French connections than ‘Hoosiers’ coach Gene Hackman. French-born and national team heroes Tony Parker and Nicolas Batum both play for the Charlotte Hornets and will be greeted in next Janvier’s game with a legends‘ welcome. And the owner of this North Carolina outfit, the greatest of all-time, Michael Jordan’s Nike brand is as big over here as these seven footers trying to Gobert jump over the Eiffel Tower (those Air Jordan Paris t-shirts with the Jumpman as the A are the best in the fashion class, like those Nike symbol sponsored 90’s golden era Hornets throwbacks to go back into hoop history with that Buzz City hardwood). If only they could play on the iconic Nike Jumpman outside court overlooked by the most famous lady in the City of Light herself (although the pitch coveted AccorHotels Arena is a stadium of our future times).

Un jour.

The last time the NBA showcased their art of sport in the Louvre city, everyone including Mona Lisa were smiling as Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls team won the McDonalds Games for all the quarter pounders over 20 years ago in 1997. But come next calender in the New Year, season and 2020 of sport will it be his Buzz or the Bucks who afford more after four quarters of a franc?

With all love to Paris St Germain, the world’s most romantic city is about to meet its one, true, beloved beautiful game.

It’s only Au Revoir until we meet again.

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Wade In The Rafters. The Heat Rises To 3



wade in the rafters the heat rises to 3
Wad3's World...

How’s this for a Flashpoint in NBA history?

Tonight the Miami Heat gave us ‘The Flashback’. DeLorean riding back to the future of last season. Were Dwyane Wade rocking a red Heat hot bomber jacket that was all “Great Scott” Marty McFly had his number three jersey under all that retired, as the Heat rose his 3 to the rafters in a flash.

After ‘One Last Dance’ for Dwyane last season were he swapped jerseys like trading cards, Wade and his former coach and President Pat Riley watched his last jersey go up past the nosebleeds to the ceilings he smashed, arm in arm like a proud father watching a home video of his sons wedding on the highlights of the jumbotron.

The relationship is exactly like that. Built on a fatherly foundation.


Miami has had a matrimony with Wade from the Chicago towns own All Star start, championship run on his own and then post Bulls and King reunion return to redemption.

Some may say Shaq. 90’s purists Zo Mourning and Timmy Hardaway. Others the greatest of all-time LeBron James forming like voltron with another Heatle that’s about to have his jersey retired, Chris Bosh. But let’s face it when it comes to Miami Heat players and franchise faces, D-Wade is the G.O.A.T.

Legacy. Legacy. L3gacy.

This is the way of Wade. How its been and how it will always been up in the air of those American Airlines. A father first and always part of the Miami family when the South Beach welcomed him like Will Smith, this guy is for life like Bad Boys and the number 3 that Martin Lawrence’s Marcus has framed in his own living room rafter raise for the latest sequel.

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What you gonna do?

This was a Florida city union like pink or turquoise neon, or the ’till death do us part loyalty of ‘Bad Boys II’ and ‘LA Finest’ spin-off star Gabrielle Union. The port of Miami Rick Ross rocked the mic and even King James sent a video tribute from his Californian Lakerland as fellow retired club legends Chris Bosh and Ray Allen were in awe attendance.

“Life is good” Wade said like Nas for this two hour special that seemed ready made for an ESPN documentary. 30 for 30 or 3 for 3.

3 in ’03 to infinity for his sweet 16. The sun will never go down on the legendary legacy of Miami’s adopted son.

And in a tragic start to 2020, like Chi guy Wade embracing an emotional Allen Iverson in a Kobe number 8 tribute throwback this moment was the answer to the pain from our prayers.

Now all that is left is one last step to the Hall.

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Chicago, All-Star 2020 blows in the Windy City for Kobe



lebron james throws down two hand dunk 2020 nba all star game
Finding 24 Forever...


Like Eliot Ness, that’s what Common’s city of Chicago is when it comes to this court. All greatest of all-time thanks to the statue outside the United Center that they have to bring in from the cold when ice gets in it’s cracks like the veins of new Minnesota Timberwolves cold front player, D’Angelo Russell (he should be here. These lost Lakers are just glad Brandon Ingram is). Forming a duo with Karl-Anthony Towns as dynamic as that one of Star Marbury and the uncut gem of Chi-towns own Kevin Garnett heading for the Hall.

And just like the Big Ticket, the Rose that grew from concrete and the way of Wade who was moved to tears, the rapper slash actor, author and Microsoft poet Common (who fittingly won MVP of the Celebrity Game in his city. Even after Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith said “c’mon Common you can’t even dunk donuts in coffee” after giving Dwight Howard’s athletically graceful, camera flash freeze, cheese smile, spin dunk an 8 (Kobe?)) put on for his city like Barack Obama and of course the statue of the G.O.A.T. M.J. with a poetic rap that waxed lyrical on hoops history and it’s nuanced nostalgia.

Shouting out the real King MLK and Kobe before Magic made a moving speech, all players behind him dressed in warm-up white and Jennifer Huston brought the not a dry eye in the arena, house down with her tribute that beat the hardwood like the commercial Dr. Dre one for this California love in Chicago, like the National Anthem of treasure Chaka Khan in a 23 jersey.


Common also had rhymes for each player introduction for all those who would take to the floor dribbling across the Chicago skyline, as he rocked the mic like fellow Chicagoland legend Chance The Rapper halftime and injured All-Star Dame Lillard, who still got to play this weekend as Dame D.O.L.L.A. The first player to perform on this stage of Basketball’s Grammy’s, bringing out ‘Tha Carter’ himself Lil’ Wayne and a Mamba Forever leather that we all want to cop for this year’s Winter jacket.

From saying “Sixteen-time all-star, three-time NBA champion/ We continue to witness his reign / One of the greatest to play the game/ From the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James”, to “A four-time all-star / He handles the rock like Gibraltar / From the Boston Celtics / Give it up for Kemba Walker”.

But hey, I’ve got one for you all, “like the Beard and the Brow he runs the show/so where the f### is Alex Caruso”.

But to the beat of his own raps and his milk carton brother Kanye, even if every event was set off by the “GO” vocal of guitar hero John Mayer on his Common collaboration with ‘Jesus Is King’ walking God, Mr. West (from the bam, bam Bam Adebayo BAM Skills Challenge bucket win. To the Buddy Hield buzzer beating on the last ball of the last rack, Devin booking, beating and winning the Three-Point Shootout (still one of the best and most underrated events of the weekend)), this night of all the All-Stars was all about the one who should have been in the crowd cheering with his daughter courtside.

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From Superman, Dwight Howard returning and bringing back the red cape out of the phone booth, with 24 on the chest, to Man Of Steel and former Lex Luthor like enemy Shaq filming on that old camcorder again. In one of the best but most controversial dunk contests that saw an all 50 and 7-foot-5 Tacko leaping Aaron Gordon robbed again like when he cleared the mascot (seriously I don’t mean to leap to conclusions, but these guys need to get over jumping over things…literally. Only Leonardo DiCaprio gets over this many people).

This time by the South Beach, bringing the Heat in the Windy City, tornado storm of Derrick Jones Jr. Air Gordon won’t be back (thanks for that judges. Dwayne Wade said in the Skills Challenge his mind can be changed…ain’t that the truth), but let’s hope the backboard ball touching, Woody Harrelson Venice Beach wear honoring Pat Connaughton will be. Because white men can jump too in an epic exciting weekend of Chicago, 2020 that in the Olympic year of Tokyo, 2020 showed all the world’s a Basketball stage like the Rising Stars game (Konichiwa Hachimura).

lebron james throws down two hand dunk 2020 nba all star game
Lebron James throws down two hand dunk during 2020 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago

For the main event of the biggest weekend on the schedule itself Team LeBron all wore number 2 on their blue jerseys for GiGi and Team Giannis 24 forever for Kobe (a bald Khris Middleton even sometimes from the nose bleeds making it look like Mamba was there…which spiritually he was like his mentality), to another LeBron like Kobe dunk running the floor like Bean and the 24 second shot clock that decided the fourth quarter of an entertaining All-Star Game that was more than the legendary lay-up line and was actually a competitive affair.

kawhi leonard 2020 nba all star game mvp
Kawhi Leonard 2020 NBA All-Star Game MVP

That’s just what happens when you win the game on a free throw (157-155, King over Freak) as Laker and hometown Chicago hero Anthony Davis did the honors after filling the stat sheet with the game on the line. But, the All-Star MVP now beautifully renamed the Kobe Bryant award went to another Los Angeles King in Clipper Kawhi and his 30 points. Who dedicated his award to the late legend it’s named after, as fans had their fill of their favourite weekend of the mid-season they love like the hearts of a mid-Feb Valentine.

Just don’t ask him what he had for dinner.

Answer…Team Giannis.

For Team LeBron. For Kobe. For GiGi.

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