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Pistons Pimp Their Line With ‘Detroit Chrome’

Pistons Pimp Their Line With 'Detroit Chrome'
Pistons Pimp Their Line With ‘Detroit Chrome’

People of Detroit…start your engines!

Amazing apparel has owned this off-season so much so we should start our own separate line of articles about them (or even our own line of court clothing…can you imagine some Basketball Buzz logo jerseys in red and white Canadian colours? Classic!)

Now following last years assembly line of ‘Motor City’ jerseys for the red, white and blue of the Detroit Pistons, the Bad Boys are honoring Motown’s automotive industry once again with even more under the hood.

Time to call Xzibit from West Coast Customs and add a spoiler because this is all chrome and paint.

Counting cars, the Motor City Pistons are adding a matte chrome finish to their classic home and away jerseys, with blue trimmings for the collars and all the labour the hard workers put into this industry and city. Now all we need is some engine grease as these new duds celebrate the cars of this cities past and future, muscling up for America like only the throttle of the auto capital of the world and the D for the U.S.A. can.

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Only this week former franchise player Greg Monroe helped launch his new Milwaukee Bucks black, ‘Fear The Deer’ alternative in a summer of signatures from the Washington Wizards ‘Baltimore Pride’ line which is number one like those old red and white striped Bullets, to the Indiana Pacers running the picket fence, 1 through 5 and honoring the Hoosiers like Hackman with the red and gold shorts of Hickory. Now though as new Fast and Furious, Pistons driving dynamic duo Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond are silver surfing we may just have the best line of this court catwalk summer.

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Its a platinum car show. Even if those ‘Motor City’ alternatives still roar past in a car for car race war…and don’t worry they’re still in the garage.

Now you wont even need a throwback night for the testament of the torque traditions of this city. Even Thomas and his 80’s Bad Boys will only wish they could have had these nice little motors (which will have seven seals this season) in their tank back in the day.

And how about the new chrome emblem? That would look cool on the front of your car. Still as Detroit Chrome rolls out onto the streets of Woodward Avenue this year its all about how you handle the drive.

Picture them rolling to the playoffs? With all this under the hood, lets hope there’s nothing wrong with the engine.

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