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Like Shaquille, Like Shareef. O’Neal’s To LSU

Like Shaquille Like Shareef Oneal's To LSU
Like Shaquille Like Shareef Oneal's To LSU

Hey Netflix, here’s a Tiger tale for you a few days before ‘The Last Dance’ of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls stream takes to the floor, following the next chapter of Liberty in New York basketball for the next great hoops hope Sabrina Ionescu.

Before the MOST Dominant EVER, Shaquille O’Neal was ripping rims off like the “tear here” tab on protein powder sachets now you gym rats are stuck at home with your dumbells and squats, the Laker legend and the biggest of that seven foot legendary lineage had already rocked purple and gold before. Even before Magic. Orlando like Woolridge that is.

Tiger style.

All for LSU like Ben Simmons rocking a Magic jersey after graduation with every Laker tweeter posting that this was a post-college, pre-Showtime sign (my bad), before Philly processed him alongside the most dominant big since Shaq, Joel Embiid.

But here’s one kid that the Lakers faithful want for their gold with a purple heart one day in a Larry Nance Jr., Luke Walton, David Stockton or Coby Karl game of fathers and sons like Cat Stevens or former Lakers, Gary Payton and South Bay’s Gary Payton II. Even more so than a Mychael’s Klay Thompson, or LeBron James and Bronny Jr. family reunion for the first ever father/son BoyDad teammates (you best believe history like this could be witnessed) that the King can’t even get with his Prince for a Diddy dance-off online like Taco Tuesday.

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And that’s Shareef O’Neal. Goggles on with that Kareem tutoring and last heartbreaking Kobe text as his phone background for motivation.

Imagine if Shareef followed in Shaquille’s big enough to be a phone or remote controlled car sneaker (giant) steps (more like sledgehammers).

Imagine if like father, like son he was part of the biggest Laker legendary lineage of big-men set for the banners and rafters like George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, just like daddy and Pau Gasol…yeah we said it.

Did you not see yesterday’s throwback to the decade old (WHAT?!) 2010 Finals where Gasol-ina diseled the Big Ticket of Kevin Garnett for a classic Celtics clash for the storied, championship Lakers?

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The most underrated Laker legend and top three Euro of all-time is part of this legendary lineage. Put his screaming 16 up their with Coop’s 21, Horry’s 5 and if Quinn Cook has given up his 2 for GiGi like everyone should, then 0.4 for the Fish that saved L.A….day after day.

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A part of this legendary seven foot line like Andrew Bynum almost was (and good for one chip kind of still is) and Dwight Howard in redemption just might still be. How big would this be? Now that really would be a Superman 2.

But for now how does the purple and gold of a roaring LSU Tiger look and sound?

A damn sight better than a Carole Baskin defence.

Ground and glass breaking. Shareef “f######” O’Neal is heading to Louisiana State University…with stripes on. All after redshirting his season at Kareem’s UCLA alma mater after undergoing open heart surgery, the kid who has the biggest one right now is on a soulful hoops journey following the giant steps. And if you thought that was something. Get your claws into this. His sister is too.

For the family ties that really matter. Amirah O’Neal her fathers daughter has declared her commitment too.

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Like father, like daughter. “The brother, sister duo”. Just like, like father, like son.

Maybe, we have a future Spark in Amirah too for Shaq’s former point, Coach Fisher.

We can always Hollywood dream once upon a star born.

L.A. all day. Their way.

At this rate even Shaq’s paperboy will be throwing his graduation cap hat in too like a rolled up broadsheet on the big fellas sprinkler lawn.

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There goes the neighbourhood.

And it’s never looked so good. Now watch the throne in Shaquille’s palace outside STAPLES like his statue legacy and restaurant.

Today’s special.

Tiger King.

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