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Clippers Leave Lakers Under The Tree On LA Christmas Day

clippers leave lakers under the tree on la christmas day
clippers leave lakers under the tree on la christmas day

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the downtown Los Angeles neon night, the Lakers thought not a superstar would be stirring. Not even an Anthony Davis.

But come Christmas Day and the purple and gold bow unwrapped all the stars on the top of their tree this festive season like Mariah all they wanted. Even the King of Kings as LeBron James initially looked to miss his first Xmas clash he redefines like his Wade world, alley-oop connection with the Heat back in STAPLES or tweeting to Nike to bring back the Christmas jerseys for the present (I’ll check that list twice Santa). All for their 21st straight December 25th game on the calendar…and being late to the table forget the turkey and all the trimmings, the Lakers were left with the leftovers again.

After dropping the opening night Clipper Derby statement game in this battle for Los Angeles for what seemed like the Lakers only loss of the season until they met the fellow best record in the association Milwaukee and the Buck stopped there with a losing streak (four straight previously the number of games they had lost for all of the first quarter of the 82) they now can’t seem to snap like a wishbone, the Lakers looked for revenge with their hometown rival in their STAPLES home for their Christmas clash rematch which looked to set the tone for the New Year and concluding chapter of the season, before the playoffs and what looks like a preview of the best Western Conference Finals.

But as the new L.A. King was crowned again are we looking at the future NBA champion as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s (the superstars that the Hollywood side of L.A. wanted in their script) Clippers (and all the former Lou Will, Pat Bev and Zupac purple and gold) clipped the Lakers for your Los Angeles Times 111-106 in Shaq sized and Compton city edition threads for your ugly Christmas sweaters?

The Lakers thought they drew first blood like Rambo for the third man Kyle Kuzma coming out party. As the young star who was trolled for his pregame lime snake drip had no one laughing now with 15 early, as he and Kawhi went at it like the in-laws round for Christmas dinner. But it all ended up like the latest Rambo in Hollywood as all the L.A. famous fans like Stallone and Nicholson hit the road Jack looking at an expendable result for a storied team with the Boxing Day blues that really needs to go into the New Year with a resolution if they still want to be the NBA’s best, not just out West.

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The Lakers led by as many as Kuz’s opening 15 as the tried to find a match for this candles blowout, but then they fell apart like The Brow and ‘Bron hilariously fell all over ‘Jumanji’ sequel star Kevin Hart courtside as they looked for the next level in this sequel.

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Cue The Rock hilariously saying, “we’re going to make it. We’re going to make it!”

*Driving his team off the cliff*

“We’re not going to make it!”

As the NBA brought the around the arena, free cam back which frustrated fans online, but looks the part for at least an instant replay, there was a glitch in the game for the Lakers. As an injured King couldn’t get his arrows going until late, when he finished with a jersey (he had 23, as Davis had 24 and Kyle Kuzma a counted up 25 for the perfect big-three line), 10 assists and 9 rebounds. Looking for a clutch three that ended up as shy as a triple/double as former Laker Beverly send his buzzer beater back into the moat with a block. And as Leonard left the Lakers with 35 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists it wasn’t just A.D. who was left sat on K. Hart’s lap like Santa as the Boardman Grinch stole Christmas.

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There will be a lot to talk about the next time LeBron and Maverick Carter get their celebrity cuts in HBO’s ‘The Shop’, but right now the buzz is all about the Clippers.

And with their hair torn out all over the floor, the Lakers are looking at the wrong brush handle side of a sweep.



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