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Top 10 BasketballBuzz 2022 CEBL Top 10 Performers: Week 4 | Shane Gibson (Fraser Valley Bandits), Jalen Harris (Scarborough Shooting Stars), AJ Lawson (Guelph Nighthawks), Thomas Kennedy (Fraser Valley Bandits, Kameron Chatman (Scarborough Shooting Stars), Caleb Agada (Hamilton Honey Badgers), Daniel Walden-Mullings (Niagara River Lions), Walt Lemon Jr. (Ottawa Blackjacks), Scottie Lindsey (Saskatchewan Rattlers), Terry Thomas (Newfoundland Growlers)


Week four, we give some much-needed love to all the fathers putting in the work, both on and off the court. A potential dunk...

Top 10 BasketballBuzz 2022 CEBL Top 10 Performers: Week 3 | Jalen Harris (Scarborough Shooting Stars), Shaquille Keith (Newfoundland Growlers), Caleb Agada (Hamilton Honey Badgers), Jeremiah Tilmon (Hamilton Honey Badgers), Ahmed Hill (Guelph Nighthawks), AJ Lawson (Guelph Nighthawks), Shane Gibson (Fraser Valley Bandits), Jordan Baker (Edmonton Stingers), Devonte Bandoo (Saskatchewan Rattlers), Tony Carr (Saskatchewan Rattlers


Week three of the 2022 CEBL season provided plenty of highlights and clutch Elam ending buzzer beaters. Nearly a quarter of the season is...

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