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Brandon Ennis: Is Locked In

Super coach Brandon Ennis talks his about coaching philosophy, inspirations and his brand Locked In Training.

Brandon is Locked In
Brandon is Locked In - Photo: @PHLYmediatx

When most people think of basketball, they think of the players and their favourite teams, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that make the game what it really is, and a big aspect of that is coaching.

A great coach can motivate, build winning teams, and most importantly change lives.

Brandon Ennis is currently the coach of “Locked in Training” a brand he created to coach, train and create great basketball players and most importantly help shape lives.

Brandon comes from a true basketball family. His two brothers Dylan and Tyler are a Canadian basketball legends, his sister Dominique plays on the Rice Owls women’s basketball ball team, and Brandon is paving his own way as a super coach. A family who loves the game and helps add greatness to it every day.

Brandon sees basketball as more than just a game, but a way of life, a way to give back and help others build their dreams, while he builds and lives his.

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We caught-up with Brandon to speak about his brand, coaching philosophy, inspirations and various other topics.

Tell us a little about “Locked In Training”?

A:  Locked In Training is a brand that represents a basketball mindset. Every time you step out on the floor, you need to be dialed in and focused. That’s why I named my brand, Locked in Training. 

What is the most challenging part of training and what is the most rewarding?

A: The most challenging part, I’d say, would have to be building a clientele in a new area. If a lot of people don’t know about you or what you’ve done, it takes some time to get your name spreading out there. The most rewarding, in my opinion, is seeing athletes that you’ve trained consistently achieving their goals and dreams. It’s a reminder that all that hard work they put in with you is coming to light.

How would you describe your coaching style?

A: Passionate. I show a lot of expression when I coach and try to bring energy to the team from a coaching perspective. It works because a lot of times, the players feed off their coach’s energy. When I bring energy, they tend to do it.

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Who is your inspiration?

A: My inspiration is my dad. He taught me a lot on how to be a great coach and role model. He always said, “it’s bigger than basketball”. Meaning, it’s about helping change lives for the better, moulding athletes into great human beings. And that has been the steps I’ve chosen to follow.

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Brandon and team
Brandon Ennis celebrating with his players – Photo: @PHLYmediatx

What drew you to basketball and why do you train?

A: My dad brought myself and one of my brothers to the playground and put the ball in my hands from seven years old. And ever since then, I haven’t turned back.

Would you ever consider coaching on a high level such as the NBA?

A: Absolutely! To coach on the highest level and platform would be an amazing milestone to achieve. It would be amazing to be able to work with professional athletes on a daily basis.

What advice would you give a player who’s facing a difficult time (whether it’s due to injury, finances, etc.) and is unmotivated?

A: I would tell them, “Tough times don’t last, only tough people do.” It’s understandable as to why you’re upset, but this will pass. Sitting around doing nothing won’t make it happen. Take it one day at a time to get yourself out of that position.

If you were not coaching, what would you be doing?

A: Probably would be working as a mentor at a big brother program or work in real estate. 

Who is your favourite player or team currently?

A: My favorite team currently is Rice Owls women’s basketball. My sister (Dominique Ennis) is a freshman on that team, and they have had a phenomenal season, as did she!

Where can people keep up with you and locked in training?

A:  You can keep up with me on my social media platforms on instagram @ brandon.ennis and @

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