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Is It Time To Burst The NBA’s Disney World Bubble?

Lebron James Kawhi Leonard Pascal Siakam Giannis Antetokounmpo Is It Time To Burst The Nba Disney World Bubble
Lebron James Kawhi Leonard Pascal Siakam Giannis Antetokounmpo Is It Time To Burst The Nba Disney World Bubble

Kyrie has a point.

This writer wants the NBA back as much as anyone else. Back like Haim or the girl that the Jackson 5 used to sing about. You know? The one where Michael would leave tear stains on the ground. Still, not like this. Not like this.

It’s time to stop playing Mickey Mouse games.

Is it time to burst the NBA’s Disney World bubble?

Back in March all it took was two, like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The moment Utah Jazz superstar duo Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell contracted coronavirus, Commissioner Adam Silver made the world leading major move to shut down the NBA instantly.

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Leading the likes of Vince Carter to I better check in the game for your last bucket quick, early retirement (thanks for everything Vince). Cinemas and bars followed suit as (almost) everyone stayed home and stayed safe around the world locked down and quarantined.

Now a minimum of 16 NBA players have it.

All whilst practicing distancing and practicing with their teammates.

They haven’t even entered the Bubble yet.

What now?

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There’s been so many cases the teams and players official press releases just look like they hit copy and paste. Is this not a sign like one of the times? A warning to stop before this league carries on? Again, I want hoops back like a no earring policy at work, but this is bigger than basketball.

Our time and efforts would be better put to peaceful protesting because Black Lives STILL Matter no matter what your Twitter timeline says this week.

“Any player who has tested positive will remain in self-isolation until he satisfies public health protocols for discontinuing isolation and has been cleared by a physician.”

This joint statement from the NBA and Players Association seems too sanitized…in more ways than one.

This is our lives.

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This disease still kills people.

It’s not on hold because we want to go back out for a drink and watch the new ‘Black Widow’ movie.

Next month in a matter of weeks the NBA season will resume like the WNBA one will star along with other sport syndicates. LeBron James’ minority held Liverpool have already successfully won the Premier League…but there were still cases there too.

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Lakers Avery Bradley Opting Out

Yet people want to give Lakers’ guard Avery Bradley mess for opting out of all this mess because his son has respiratory issues?

He’s just a father looking out for his own and making the best decision for his family. You best believe if the Lakers win in Disney World that ring will be as much his as everyone else’s. He helped get them there. No matter if J.R. Smith or whoever replaces him shoots the lights out. Still, right now we’re like ‘Bron’ s reaction to his Finals blunder with what could be the NBA’s one.

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Next month here in Tokyo, Japan we were all set to host the 2020 Olympic Games. Remember how much flack they caught for even putting on hold their decision to postpone the event just months ago?

Look at us now.

Florida Covid-19 Epicenter

5% of 302 players tested positive for COVID-19 prior to this 22-team tournament in the state of Florida who have had 8,942 cases IN A SINGLE DAY this week. 40,000 in the United States as a whole.

I don’t mean to sound paranoid but I don’t like those odds.

At all.

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With all the players who have opted out and the ones who can’t play because they have this virus, this season and whoever will become crowned as champions already has an asterix next to it now anyway. Let alone a point of contention.

I’m sorry, this writer might just be with the guy who thinks the world is flat.

Besides, we don’t all have the arc of Steph Curry to maintain social distancing from downtown. This does nothing to flatten the curve.

Time to spike the ball.

Shut it down.

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