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Why The Phoenix Suns Could Be NBA Champions

Sure this is a bold prediction, but fortune favors it. Phoenix are flying all the way to the Sun setting on their first championship trophy.

Here's why the phoenix suns could be NBA champions even now
Here's why the phoenix suns could be NBA champions even now

I’m calling it.

They dethroned the King.

Crippled the champion.

And they just sent the MVP to Cancun.

Jokes on you if you laugh at this.

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It may just be one writers opinion, but this isn’t a Cinderella run, or a ‘Moneyball’ one. It’s just basic math.

The Phoenix Suns will be your 2021 NBA champions.

Let your Phoenix metaphors rise like the sun.

The rest of the association is in injury ashes.

It’s all about to go up in smoke.

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Out in the wild west the Utah Jazz may have the leagues best record, but Kawhi Leonard just showed them why he took the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA championship. With the way he was playing it looked like it was over. Then this morning it was as it was announced Leonard is out indefinitely with injury. Now no one’s smiling like him.

When it comes to the beasts of the East, Trae Young famously silenced everyone in the Garden of New York’s Eden. Now he’s doing more of the same with more at stake against Philly. The Sixers sizzling like their city of brotherly loves most famous sandwich are still a work in championship process. They won’t go all the way this year with Trae taking their lunch money. But just how far can one Young man take his whole team?

That leaves us with what many see as the real NBA Finals right now when it comes to the brackets that hold more to read into than book shelves. They say its anyone’s game now for the remaining teams who between them haven’t won a chip since ’84. But Brooklyn looks like the new team to beat. We thought Durant couldn’t do it on his own…until we saw what he did last night. If Kyrie comes back like James it’s curtains for the rest of the league, even if right now Giannis is showing the haters why he’s a two time MVP.

Just when they thought they were rounding for home this could be it for Milwaukee. The Bucks may stop here. Steering clear of some serious hardware until they get some real help or a jump shot from the Greek Freak to add to his alphabet.

But will the BK be OK with just KD and a hobbled Harden in another seven game series?

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After mining the Nuggets, the Suns showed nothing was setting on their incredible run after scorching the Lake Show in the King’s Hollywood home. They bubbled in Florida last season and right now they are showing that was no Mickey Mouse fluke as they are proving to be the hottest thing this summer like rocking a mask with your teams logo across the mouth.

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Say it with me, forget the Suns in four, Phoenix are rising all the way to the top of the bracket.

It all looks the same, like Booker laying on the hardware, simple and plain. And in reflection that’s the truth. What happened in Disney World is bringing a new kingdom right here, right now.

You can’t quarantine that.

Chris Paul & Hip-Hop

Their first Western Conference finals in a decade isn’t it. Their first championship will be. As it will be for Chris Paul’s narrative. CP3, the Point God. In house we’ve been talking about which rapper this ballers legacy most matches. Jadakiss kissing the game goodbye on the best record of his career?

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Or is CP3 like Nas? One of the best for decades’ it seems. One who doesn’t care whether you like him or not. Which makes him never scared and not afraid to go against Kings like Jay-Z or LeBron. And topple them. You decide. Sound-off in the comments below.

Either way he hit a sweet 26 straight jumpers from the mid range in the close out sweep of the Nuggets that made the critics put away their brooms and dust off their mythical bird clichés. 37 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds. As the animated Twitter account @StatMuse reports it, the first player with 15 points, 15 assists and 0 turnovers in a playoff game since…Chris Paul in 2014. Who was the first to do that since…Chris Paul in 2008.

With the Mercury also rising in the WNBA when it comes to what’s being raised in Arizona, its all about the best backcourts. Diana Taurasi and Skylar Diggins-Smith. Chris Paul and Devin Booker. More GOAT’s than a herd of MJ jerseys.

Ya heard?

The first pair of Sun rays to each get 30 points in a playoff game since Amar’e Stoudemire and Steve Nash in ’05.

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Even if it has just been announced that Paul is likely to miss the Western Conference Finals due to COVID health and safety protocols, we still believe. If he makes it back in time for the finals it’s still on. Until then we know one man who can take this Sun all the way to the rise.

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Devin Booker creating his own legacy

Devin Booker doesn’t have to wait to win one to be put in the elite. This superstar is already in the upper echelon with ‘Bron and them. He even owns the last game-worn 23 jersey…signed to boot. One that alone could put someone’s kids, kids through college if put on eBay. But don’t worry, Book is already banking on his own legendary legacy with Mamba Mentality. He earned that jersey by being all over the King like the 2 and 3’s stitching. He owns the game by being all over the floor like parquet.

This guy can hit from anywhere like a flame thrower…and everyone’s getting licked.

Booker vs Durant. That would be an all-time match-up for the ages. Anything could happen as anyone could go off.

Now if you thought that was too hot to handle, how about the one big-three that’s still (technically) healthy? Because right now no one is bigger or more underrated than Deandre Ayton. So huge he’s even poking his head out of his sunroof post-game for the fans. This is what a none injured and bust Greg Oden looks like. Add Jae Crowder salsa dancing, Mikal Bridges finishing everyone off like the lobs and Cam Payne bringing more hurt than that Max Payne game like Styles P said and no one is backing this team down now.

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Sorry Andre Drummond.

They haven’t lost a game since the LeBron and the Lakers played too much courtside. Now look who even had the last laugh against The Joker.

Our coach of the year Monty Williams has come a long way from playing for Denver, to beating them. Now he and Chris Paul in reunion are running it all the way back.

Rally this Valley.

Check the weather report this summer. It looks like nothing but Sun here on out.

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