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Last seasons NBA Playoff Teams Have EARNED These Jerseys

Nike unveiled a sweet sixteen ‘Earned Edition’ series of jerseys for the teams that earned a spot in Florida’s Disney World NBA Bubble Playoffs.

The Nba Playoff Teams Have Earned These Jerseys
The Nba Playoff Teams Have Earned These Jerseys

Spike Lee’s Mars Blackmon once said of Mike’s Jordans’ that, “it must be the shoes”…but you have to earn THESE Nikes.

This week the sports giant that has more in their basketball closet than a traded journeyman unveiled their ‘Earned Edition’ series of jerseys. All for the sweet sixteen teams that made it to the NBA Playoffs last season in Florida’s Disney World Bubble.

Let’s break them down.


Nothing is more synonymous with the NBA’s last dance than the Boston Celtics (sorry MJ). Even if their storied rival has now tied them in all-time ‘chips. We’ve seen this all black Celtic funeral march before, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t killer.


Above the rim legend Blake Griffin is the latest big name to join Coach Steve Nash’s Brooklyn super-team. Alongside the big-three likes of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Who will be next to make their stop in these fitting subway jerseys that are as creative as Basquiat?

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I don’t know what you look at when you see this Mavs navy that takes it back to the Dirk DALLAS days like Michael Finley. I just see something that will stop them wearing those awful graffiti city tags. Thank the Basketball Gods.


After years of stonecutting the Denver Nuggets surprised everyone in the Bubble with their run through the Playoffs. These pick-axe logo threads will make a great pick-up for your fashion staples.


Losing more stars in their solar system, Cosmic City is in need of some ground control from the one left leading the show, John Wall. This former injured guard is out to show he’s still got it and with these Rocket jerseys seeing red, he’s ready to run the floor like a bull.


We all know these Pacer favourites like Miller Time in the fourth. The beer coloured unis have a twist this year though. It must be the pinstripes.


It’s not exactly a color that inspires, but the grey areas of these Clippers jerseys will make it a match-up you can’t resist with blue jeans and white Jordans. Kind of like the match-up you wish you could resist, going up against Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on a nightly basis as they storm their way to L.A. reign in the Kings land.

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Like when AD shouted, “KOBE” in the clutch, the Lakers almost won for Bean in their Mamba snakeskin jerseys. These clothes fit for a champion King however have that old, timeless Hollywood Nights mentality that will never fade to black. And they want their damn respect too.

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Red, white and black and now all that neon Vice has become Miami’s South Beach color scheme. But after Butler almost delivered the gold on a silver platter, these jerseys they’ve earnt more than anybody carries that weight in all its carats. Pure.


OK. All Milwaukee did was add some horns to a classic color scheme. Kind of like when all MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team added was Jrue Holiday. That’s all they need to take it to the next level.


The only thing that looks better than this new Thunder blue is their new franchise face Shai Gilgeous-Alexander wearing them. Now watch this guard and his changing team run the floor like wet floor signs. Their may be a dry spell in OKC, but you can always expect reign.


Despite making the Playoffs, home state advantage didn’t do much in the end for Orlando in Florida. But like the sunkist orange jerseys before them for the city, this pick is Magic like a rabbit out the hat.

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If Joel Embiid doesn’t win MVP this year, everyone in Philly will make noise like these Liberty Bell jerseys that are about to ring cash registers up like number 25’s in Philadelphia the day Ben Simmons got drafted.


These blazing Portland Earned jerseys for Rip City look like we are looking at them in black and white. Were they designed on an Atari? Either way these monochromes are cleaner than a referee’s whistle.


No other jersey earns its stripes in throwback testament, all whilst pointing to their present than these Raps. Forget an OVO owl. This takes it back to the T-Mac days like Anfernee Simons in the Dunk Contest, all whilst pointing to the North like everyone in The 6. Sweeter and saltier than lemon pepper. Scary hours.


The Jazz are really playing with the best record in the league. And these Oregon yellow and green dud with accents of Sabrina are about to make their locker room the best looking one too. Take ACTUAL note.

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Now paid in full, how’s that for some earnings?

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