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Hello Brooklyn! Jamal Crawford Nets New NBA Deal

Hello Brooklyn Jamal Crawford Nets New Nba Deal
Hello Brooklyn Jamal Crawford Nets New Nba Deal


That’s the amount of points former three-time ‘Sixth Man of the Year’ Jamal Crawford, scorching with the Suns scored the last time he recorded an NBA game…more than a whole seasons worth of time ago.

51 games, let alone 51 days would have been too much.

That was all yesterday however as months of calls and tweets to get him back in the game like EA has seen J Crossover finally find a team to suit up his Lou Will like 6 Man credentials with.

Florida is calling as Crawford will enter the Disney World Bubble with the Brooklyn Nets like the Swish of J.R. Smith with LeBron’s Lakers. If that wasn’t enough it looks like Jamal is bringing along another one of Hollywood’s former ‘Meme Team’ members in former Heat hot pick Michael Beasley who has been blazing in some viral workout runs of late that could even leave The Answer of Allen Iverson talking about practice too. Bease looks to ink a B.I.G. deal with the B.K. also for Bed-Stuy’s new Coogi cool look like the City Edition.

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Now if someone could just pick up the guitar of Lance Stephenson, or the swag of Nick Young then that would be entertainment for your new Disney plus.

Sure with the new, N.Y. double-header dream team of an injured Kevin Durant and a protest leading Kyrie Irving still on the other side of the bridge in Brooklyn, not part of the flight-plan and looking to finally crossover to a new state of New York basketball together for their own empire, it has taken practically ever Net having coronavirus for these signings to happen. From big-man DeAndre Jordan to super sub Spencer Dinwiddie (get well soon guys), or players in reserve like Wilson Chandler opting out like free agency (at least they still have Caris LeVert). Still we could have given you 51 reasons or 51 players throughout the league we could have cut in favour of bringing J.C. back.

Once Brooklyn wins again like Black Star star Yasiin Bey (AKA Mos Def) once sang, the Nets will have more gains than protein powder once this team is all healthy again like two a day.

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Until then it all just feels like an asterix.

The Nets roster going into Mickey Mouse territory may be thinner than twine or the airplane like food that’s being served to players during their not so bubbalicious stay (here’s hoping Uber Eats, Orlando has more drivers than a golf range), but at least with Jamal Crawford they now have someone who could put up 50 on any given night.

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Just like his last one.


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